Private Residences & Villas

Colonial style villa.
Court yard in colonial style with pavement in Marmette di Graniglia personalized Italian production.
Colonial style room characterized by the use of wengè wood.
Living featuring large and comfortable exclusive design sofas.
Contemporary living room with Italian Design pieces dominated by the choice of white color.
Example of mix between the Classico table inlaid with Ferrarese Walnut Radica, Contemporary Seats and the Avant-garde Chandelier in Swarovsky.
Playing Table with Bright Furniture.
Table in Wengè with inlays in Mother of Pearl.
Bright waterfall made with 500 kilograms of Swarovsky crystals and ice white led.
Table in Italian Walnut wood and inlaid with Mother of Pearl.
Contemporary Furnishings with Classical Picture Frames.
Seat in Midollino and chandelier in Silk and Gold Zecchino.
Contemporary furniture with chandeliers in Silk and Brass, Fireplace in Marble Botticino.
Contemporary furnishings and red Murano crystal chandeliers.
Classic Italian Design Furniture.
Multicolored glass of local ethnic inspiration.
Contemporary style bedroom with classic brass bed headboard.
Contemporary Style Living Room.
Bedroom with classic style furniture and flooring.
Modern bathroom with lacquered furniture.


For our projects we use only only high quality, guaranteed and certified Italian production materials.