Mauro Pezzotti Design

Mauro, Enea's brother, son of Prospero _ before him had already been Enrico and before him was his Father and his Father's Father had been before Him _ they had long mustaches, long braids and long swords _ wolf sang for Them in nights like this when the Moon, after drived away every cloud and lost all sense of shame, is displayed in all its naked beauty _ then my Spirit flies over her light looking for the Spirit of those who were before me and I stand, in love with Life, watching the Moon.

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We offer a full service from the design to the complete realization of public and private environments of all kinds and in every style.

  • Materials

    For our projects we use only Italian materials of guaranteed and certified quality production.

  • Originality

    Our works are characterized by the exclusivity of design performed and agreed with the customer: classic, modern, eclectic ...
  • Assistance

    The result of our work is guaranteed by the use of highly qualified staff according to the Italian standard.